Feng Shui

Pat’s Definition of Feng Shui

Feng Shui Is

Feng Shui is the use of positive energy in your personal or workplace environment to bring about desired results.  The more positive energy you have, the happier you will be and the more successful you will be at whatever you choose to do with your life. 

  • A 3,000 year-old philosophy for living life based on the principles of balance in your environment and the flow of energy
  • The removal of negative energy and the use of positive energy to improve relationships, health, good fortune and success
  • About the same energy found in Einstein’s formula, “E=mc²”
  • A tool that offers insight into the positive or negative impact your personal environment plays in your life (color, shape, sound, things, people)
  • A tool to create peace in the home so it is the family’s sanctuary
  • A tool to implement in the workplace to improve productivity, creativity and business success
  • The use of focused energy to make positive energy shifts in specific areas of your life whether at home or the workplace
  • A method for tapping into the positive energy of planet earth so we can live balanced peace filled lives
  • The use of the universal principles of energy to improve your life
  • A non-invasive technology to bring about positive change where there is resistance


Whether you are in Hong Kong’s banking district or Donald Trump’s Manhattan office, the need for positive supportive energy and balance based on Feng Shui principles is the same. When Feng Shui is applied to your workplace it will create an environment which enables, encourages and involves employees while helping you focus, be more productive and less stressed.

Increased energy will result in improved productivity, job satisfaction and profitability. By utilizing the century’s old, proven methods of Feng Shui and her unique adaptation of Energy principles plus design and organization strategies, Pat helps business leaders streamline and transform their companies into a focused, effective and efficient environment that reduces stress while developing habits that lead to employee job satisfaction and increased productivity. 



Feng Shui is about the use of positive energy. By using its principles you can create a personal environment that will provide a peaceful sanctuary where you are in control, anxiety-free and confident.Home evaluations and consultations can be performed either on-site or through the use of floor plans and pictures. Evaluations would include the removal of energy drainers causing stress and anxiety. We would then create balance and energize specific areas of need based on the client’s concerns and goals.

Pat Heydlauff is a trained Feng Shui Expert and Energy by Design specialist who believes the client’s needs and wishes should guide the process. A professional action plan is provided the client. Included in the action plan is information for the exterior and interior of the home or workplace along with diagrams when appropriate.  



Are you looking for peace of mind and want to get centered? Is the path you are on one of you’ve chosen or are you living someone else’s dream?  We each have a purpose for being here and need to find our own path so we can live in balance and harmony, the true bridge to peace. In order to take charge of your future, you need to make sure the energy in your thinking and in your surroundings is in alignment.Discover the core values you live by and determine whether they are still relevant today, if they really are your values or ones you inherited from family members, church leaders and school teachers. Once discovered, you can create new rules of conduct and bring into alignment every thought, thing and person. This will bring joy and peace to self and others.