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Sep 02

Does Clothing Influence Your Prosperity

Simply stated, it matters what you wear. Whether male, female, adult or child, everyone faces the “nothing to wear” dilemma more than once or twice in a lifetime. In most cases, the problem isn’t that you really don’t have something to wear. The real problem is that you don’t have something to wear at that …

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Apr 01

Controlled Change Fuels Prosperity

Change is inevitable. There are large numbers of changes that occur regularly in your life that are completely within your control. You make modifications to the way you do things, vary how you think about something, adjust what you do or when you do it and make huge transformative changes such as moving, downsizing, changing …

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Dec 30

Energize Your Goals to Fuel Prosperity

Do you begin your New Year the same way each year by making all of those wonderful resolutions? Do you say to yourself “this time it’s going to be different – I’m going to make them stick” only to find that by the second or third week of January you are falling behind on your …

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Sep 30

Use Feng Shui to Achieve Goals

Feng Shui principles are a powerful way to achieve the accomplishment of your goals. Its energizing principles influence the outcome of the creativity and visual impact of another powerful tool, the Vision Board. A Vision Board, whether it is a bulletin board with push pins or an elaborate graphic created on your computer, uses images …

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Jul 29

Put a Pet on Your Rx List

“The evidence is mounting that pets improve our physical well-being,” said Edward Creagan, MD, former president of the Mayo Clinic staff. He was so convinced of their healing powers that he literally prescribed them for a third of his cancer patients. According to Mark South, DVM, Town and Country Animal Hospital, Palm Beach Gardens, FL, …

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Nov 14

What’s Keeping You Down

A lot is written at this time of the year reminding you to be grateful for what you have and thanking God or your Creator for your blessings. Yes, it is good and important to be grateful and set aside one day per year to express that gratefulness but what about the rest of the …

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Oct 28

Your Guide to Social Media – Disconnect to Connect

According to several research studies done in 2011 and 2012, 39 percent of Americans spend more time on Facebook than in face-to-face relationships and 10.5 billion minutes per day are spent globally on Facebook alone. The warp speed shift in social relationships and how we interact is due to social technologies, according to a July …

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Sep 14


Albert Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” It doesn’t matter if you are facing unfinished projects, complicated finances and debt, poor relationships with family members and co-workers, or wellness issues. If you want change and a positive breakthrough, do something different. All it takes is …

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Aug 31


Steve Jobs, past CEO of Apple, said it best when he proclaimed, “Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.” Is excellence your strong suit at work and at home? Do you think excellence stops when you walk through the front door where your family awaits you …

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Jun 06

Can you begin anew

Is it really that hard to start again? Do you feel like “I just can’t do it one more time”? Have just one too many things gone wrong? Will it ever end? Many of us feel this way when all we see ahead are unresolved problems from the past. Living life this way is like …

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