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Jun 19

Productivity Low – What’s on Your Walls?

Is there is direct relationship between productivity and walls in your office? The answer is a resounding yes. Office walls that are too bright, too dark, too cluttered or too empty will make a huge difference in your productivity and performance. For example, dark walls can make you feel like you  are in a cave …

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Apr 30

Silent Heroes Might Be Best Friends

Silent Heroes

Lately I’ve be a bit reflective – with my thoughts turning toward people I admire and respect. We all have many quiet unsung heroes in our lives but sometimes it takes a horrific event like the terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon  to remind us that we are surrounded by silent heroes all the time. …

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Apr 04

Looking for Hope and Peace Instead of Chaos and Stress?

Sometimes, maybe most of the time, we get so busy doing and going, we really forget that we need to take time to live. And the busier we are and the more we go and do, the more chaotic and stress-filled our lives become. Is that you? Is that me? In many ways it is …

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Jan 01

The Key to a More Prosperous 2013 – Have a Plan or Formula

Happy New Year – may your 2013 be filled with less stress and chaos, more calm, more prosperity and overflowing joy. Sometimes it is easy to focus on the past year as we celebrate the arrival of the new but January 1st is all about anticipating the future, pursuing your dreams, being hopeful and looking …

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