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Mar 01

Spring Fuels Tomorrow’s Future

Spring is a magical and transformative time of the year. It is the perfect time to take a good look at your surroundings and get rid of anything that does not provide you with vital fresh energy. This is the time of the year that provides fuel to flame the successes and joys of your future. Whether …

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Feb 05

Atlanta Gift Show Trends Fuel Inspiration and Creativity

Does what happens at the Atlanta International Gift and Home Furnishings Market make a difference in your life? Will the new décor trends for 2014 provide you better energy or will they somehow create more clutter and chaos? From a Feng Shui perspective, the answer is yes to all of the above. Just because the …

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Dec 02

Reduce Holiday Stress using Feng Shu

People often celebrate as many as three or four holidays during this time of the year. Unfortunately, each can be filled with stress wrapped in many shapes, sizes and packages that can far overshadow the potential for joy. The biggest stressor for many is having too much to do in the limited time allotted. It …

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Jul 29

Put a Pet on Your Rx List

“The evidence is mounting that pets improve our physical well-being,” said Edward Creagan, MD, former president of the Mayo Clinic staff. He was so convinced of their healing powers that he literally prescribed them for a third of his cancer patients. According to Mark South, DVM, Town and Country Animal Hospital, Palm Beach Gardens, FL, …

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Mar 01

Food, Feelings and Feng Shui

Studies have shown that people’s food intake is susceptible to their surroundings. Simple visual clues like plate size, room lighting, room color and the eating behavior and body size of dining companions were shown to affect the portion and size of food consumption. While the studies are numerous and supported by a wide range of …

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Jan 15

Stop Living Life in Your Rearview Mirror

If you want to create balance in your life instead of living your current juggling act, then living a rearview mirror lifestyle is not for you. Do you know people that live in the world of victimhood? The world of “would have,” “could have,” and “should have”? Do they live in the past filled with …

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Dec 20

Five Steps to More Prosperity in 2013

Are you ready to shift the energy in your world? Are you ready for better relationships, more prosperity? If yes, try using Feng Shui principles. Feng Shui is a lifestyle that is all about shifting energy in your life and surroundings to create an improved, more prosperous life. You may call it goal setting or …

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Dec 12

Holiday Celebrations with a Feng Shui Twist

Not feeling the holiday spirit this year? Feng Shui principles can help you create a joy-filled holiday season. Although our society tends to compress much positive energy (good Feng Shui) into the last six weeks of the year and forget about all of that great energy by the second week of January in the New …

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Oct 14

Less Is Better

Is staying focused or getting motivated a lost cause in your home or office? Do you feel like you have lost the war even before the first shot is fired? In the world of Feng Shui this lack of motivation, inspiration and focus is a sign of blockage or stagnation in your physical environment. For …

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Aug 15

Your Kitchen: The Key to Abundance and Prosperity

When it comes to good health, strong relationships and wealth, your home is the key. According to the principles of Feng Shui, the three areas that can affect your prosperity and future most are your front door, bedroom, and kitchen. This article, the third of three, will focus on your kitchen – especially your stove …

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