Pat Heydlauff is an expert at designing home and workplace environments that create life balance and unleash prosperity. Her programs, publications, articles and consultations include innovative tools and easy to apply strategies to create a sustainable life balance roadmap.

Pat enables clients and organizations to envision the future they want and then works backwards. She starts with the what, why and where they are today, empowers them with the how and a touch of Feng Shui to reach their envisioned future. Key points are:

  • “Visioneering” the future
  • Creating an empowering roadmap to reach it
  • Building an encouraging inspiring home or workplace environment to reduce stress and increase prosperity

Create Work/life Balance and Unleash 
Prosperity with a Feng Shui Twist


Pat designs environments that promote work/life balance and increase prosperity.

Do you want the quickest route to an anxiety-free, balanced work/life and increased prosperity? Pat Heydlauff draws on her 25 years of hands-on CEO, client and personal experience plus expert knowledge in Feng Shui principles to provide decision makers and influence leaders groundbreaking strategies and tools crucial for navigating through today’s chaos and financial dictates.

Are you ready for the next generation of work/life balance to place you on the path of highest impact? Adopt the “flow of work/life balance and prosperity” roadmap to generate and re-generate you and your organization’s thinking and environment with cutting-edge strategies and tools that will engage and focus you and your organization on the results you want. Pat is a true thought leader and author on the subject of balance and prosperity, Feng Shui So Easy a Child Can Do It, Selling Your Home with a Competitive Edge, and her forthcoming book, Engage, Unleash the Power of Focus, is based on her premise that cutting-edge leadership is a fluid process, which must be approached with focused engagement on work/life balance to achieve sustainable prosperity.

Pat believes stepping outside of the box is not the answer…the answer is; there should be no chaotic distraction oriented restrictive environments because they limit success and become a static barrier to the “flow of work/life balance and prosperity.” Get started now on building a workplace and home environment that reduces chaos and anxiety and increases the flow of work/life balance and increases prosperity.

SOLD! Sales Strategies for Attracting Buyers

This book is filled with easy to apply inexpensive ideas on how to sell a home when your income or financial future depends on it. Pat Heydlauff draws on her years of experience with clients, realtors and audiences and provides you a simple action plan to:


  • Create curb appeal that sells
  • Make the property buyer-friendly inside
  • Utilize the open house kit formula for success

This 34-page pocket-size manual is available in paperback or e-book through Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble or on the website.