The Key to a More Prosperous 2013 – Have a Plan or Formula

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Happy New Year – may your 2013 be filled with less stress and chaos, more calm, more prosperity and overflowing joy.

Sometimes it is easy to focus on the past year as we celebrate the arrival of the new but January 1st is all about anticipating the future, pursuing your dreams, being hopeful and looking forward, not reliving all the negatives of the old year. It is one thing to reflect on the old but another thing to focus on all that went wrong and carry it forward into the new.

According to John Piper, theologian, “Most people think very little about what matters most and think very much about what matters little.” This is so true if we spend out time looking at the review mirror instead of the expansive landscape in front of us.

As you look forward try getting your New Year’s resolutions or goals down to one word or one phrase you can refer to often to make them easier to accomplish. My personal phrase is “everything I say, think and do matters” – I know that the remainder of that thought process means “because that is how I create my future.” The formula in my article “Five Steps to a More Prosperous 2013” is what helps me keep my personal goals. Hopefully you will also find it both interesting and helpful.

May prosperity, good health, joy and peace be your constant companion in 2013, Pat

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