Prosperity, Productivity and Work/life Balance Programs, Workshops and Keynotes
– with a Feng Shui Twist for Organizations, Corporate Events, Associations and Conventions

Pat offers several work/life balance and prosperity programs to meet your event needs. Select from her high content presentations that are perfect for decision makers, organizations and associations that are seeking a groundbreaking approach to work/life balance and increased prosperity. All presentations can be customized for your specific needs of topic and length of program.

1. From Clutter and Stress to Business Success

Is your workday full of anxiety and stress? Do you dread stepping foot into your office (or rooms in your house) but don’t know why? Do you crave a hassle-free environment, less stress and a more in-control life with time left over? Whether your office is in the corporate boardroom, a cubicle or the corner of your spare bedroom, care needs to be given to removing energy drainers and maximizing your personal energy. Learn how to:

• Eliminate clutter and stress
• Create a workplace or home environment that supports focus and efficiency
• Shift your personal energy to improve self-motivation, enthusiasm and creativity
• Increase efficiency effectiveness and profitability/prosperity
• Improve client, employee and personal prosperity
• Discover balance in your work/home life

You can change your personal environment into an energized, stress free, productive one with a minimum amount of time, work and effort and be more in-control and self-confident.

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2. Taking the Mystery Out of Feng Shui

In today’s chaotic, frantic world, the principles of Feng Shui may have more relevance than ever. Feng Shui utilizes positive energy to revitalize the soul, un-clutter the home, and make people more productive (and fulfilled) in the workplace and at home. You can take control of your life – by realizing that you can control the positive and negative energy in your environment. By so doing, you can relieve stress. You can bring balance into your life. And you can create a peaceful, harmonious environment for yourself…within your home, within your workplace, and within yourself. You will learn:

• What Feng Shui is and isn’t
• Steps to overcoming chaos in your surroundings and in you
• How to get rid of negative energy and the feeling of helplessness
• Why you should follow the C+S+S+= BS formula
• How to use Feng Shui principles to create positive energy

Feng Shui techniques are easy to apply and will bring positive energy and control back to your life so you can live an anxiety-free balanced life

3. You are the Real Estate Competitive Edge

Pat Heydlauff works with realtors who want to create a personal environment where they are in control, anxiety-free and confident. Learn to apply the tried and true Feng Shui principles to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of your workplace environment and the homes you want to sell.

These principles also include the use of color; design and organization to help realtors become the competitive edge and thrive in a challenging marketplace. You will learn how to:

• Stay focused and motivated
• Create a supportive environment to reduce stress and increase productivity
• Develop tools to cope with and overcome a negative marketplace
• Eliminate negative self-talk
• Develop a re-energizing plan to reduce anxiety
• Make a client’s home more inviting to prospects
• Remove clutter from a client home in order to engage potential buyers

The easy to apply Feng Shui principles includes lots of visuals, will lead to better focus, and an ability to thrive in this challenging economy

4. How to Avoid the “Overs” – Over Stressing, Over Committing, Over Spending

Women often try to be super-heroes. They soon find that “Superwoman” exists only in the comics; it doesn’t work in real-life. But there is an antidote. Knowing how to change the negative energy surrounding you into positive, supportive energy will make a huge difference in your life.

Using a few basic principles of Feng Shui and organizational techniques, you can shift the energy in your life, your office, and your home to be supportive, so you can better focus on meeting deadlines (whether personal or work-related), while becoming more productive – and less stressed. You will learn to:

• Manage stress by discovering what your energy-drainers are
• Discover how to make yourself your No. 1 priority
• Learn how to create a balanced life
• Learn multi-tasking do’s and don’ts
• Eliminate negative self-talk
• Develop a re-energizing plan to eliminate the “more” syndrome

5. Running a Successful Board: Aligning Purpose, Principles and Positive Energy

Learn how the “flow of focus” can help you create a unified board of directors driven by purpose and principles. Your organization’s foundation of structure and service plus “flow of focus” principles is a formula for a dynamic, successful board that will lead you and your organization through both good times and challenging times.

Pat Heydlauff will lead you through a process of assessment and realignment that will help you:

• Sharpen your focus
• Develop a unified purpose
• Identify principles as operating guidelines
• Energize yourself and your members
• Improve performance and success
• Provide service that creates loyal members

The principles you learn will serve you and the Board on an ongoing basis to stay energized and focused. In addition, you will have the tools to conduct periodic re-assessment and realignment as a normal process of a positive, unified organization.

6. Empower Your Support Staff to Create a Positive Working Environment

Everything from time management to personal renewal depends on how well leadership is able to manage the flow of focus of others and themselves. How people feel physically, mentally and emotionally when they are working changes their productivity – the workforce environment either enhances their focus and that productivity or is an obstacle. Creating an environment that is distraction free where communication and connection flows will empower you and your team. Learn how to:

• Help them improve focus by removing energy-draining barriers
• Learn techniques to shift their thinking from “me” to “we”
• Create a plan to help staff prioritize and stay focused
• Encourage teamwork and unity by utilizing “Inside-Out Strategies”
• Involve staff in “visioneering” and becoming part of the solution
• Use creativity techniques to relieve stress, control anxiety and improve productivity

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