Pat Heydlauff
Speaker, Consultant, Author, Feng Shui Expert

Pat Heydlauff has helped thousands of readers and listeners create home and workplace environments that lead to life balance resulting in less stress and sustainable prosperity as a Speaker, Consultant, Author, Feng Shui Expert.

She has been published in numerous trade journals and magazines such as Women’s World, Personal Excellence and Success Magazine, see a sampling below. Pat is also available to contribute featured content and unique insights to various publications and media professional interviews on subjects like:

  • Building balanced home and workplace environments
  • Unleashing the flow of your focus
  • Innovating from within
  • Creating sustainable prosperity
  • Optimizing personal energy and creativity
  • Thinking with clarity
  • Managing stress by discovering energy-drainers
  • Eliminating negative self-talk
  • Creating curb appeal inside out to sell your home
  • Making real estate buyer-friendly

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An extensive list of newspapers, magazines, and press releases, featuring Pat Heydlauff…

Families of Soldiers- “Are You Stuck on the Yellow Brick Road?”
She Knows Living – “Stay-Stay organized all day: At home, at work and in the kitchen”
Billionaire Master Mind Forum – “Rough Seas or Smooth Sailing Ahead”
The-Healing-Journal – “An-Energized-Wardrobe Matters”
Palm-Beach-Woman – “Feng Shui Your Way to a More Productive Office”
FAMILY-HEALTHCARE-Columbus – “Retirement, a Choice or Forced Change?”
Counseling & Relationships Australia – “Stress & Anxiety – Is The Fatigue and Anxiety Epidemic Undermining Your Well-being?
Mental-Health-Rehab- “Feng Shui your Office to Create Success Energy”
Home-Business – “Create-Success-Energy”
Peaks-and-Plains – “Retirement-Forced-Change”
Bronzage-Beaute – “Productivity-and-Prosperity”
OSP Magazine – “Flip Your Thinking to Survive the Economic Downturn”
Canadian-Property-Management – “Disorder Distracts in the Workplace”
Mental-Health-Rehab –“Feng-Shui-your-Office”
FloridaToday – “Use-feng-shui-for-positiive-space”
Furniture World – “Increase Furniture Store Back Office Productivity. Reduce Office Clutter”
Club Solutions –“Leaders Need to Lead”
Used Furniture New Zealand – “Feng Shui Your Office”
Reliable Plant – “Leaders must lead: It’s not just about profitability, survival”
Nurse Practioners – “The Right Formula”
Reliable Plant – “Reduce office clutter to increase productivity, efficiency and profitability”
Sportsplex Operators and Developers Association – “It’s Not Just About Profitability and Survival: Leaders Need to Lead”
Otc Beauty magazine – “It’s Not Just About Profitability and Survival”
Otc Beauty magazine – “Korean Leaders Need to Lead”
Inside Supply Management – “Clarity and a Mission”
PersonalExcellence – “Flip Your Thinking 5 Ways to be an Asset”
Balance – “Tips to Create Your Sanctuary”
Affluent – “Focus on Possibilities not Problems”
Parklander – “Create Your Personal Sanctuary”
EHS Today – “Reducing Office Clutter”
The Courier-NCMA –“Reducing Office Clutter”
Women Of Wisdom-Performance Magazine – “It’s Not Just About Profitability and Survival”
OSP – “Focus on Possibilities Not Problems During Difficult Times”
Parents Express – “Create Holiday Joy Without Breaking the Bank”
Multi Family Pro –“It’s Not Just About Profitability”
Fluid Power – “It’s Not Just About Profitability and Survival”
Parklander – “Gift Giving Provides Up-Lifting Energy”
W2WB-Success Leadership – “Leaders Need Clarity”
SuperVision – “Focus on Possibilities”
Island Sun Times – “Focus on Possibilities”
World Sentinel – “Over Complicating Your Life”
Promotional Consultant – “Is Clutter Taking Control”
OV Parent Magazine- “Top 5 Ways To Remain A Company Asset”
CGA – “Create Holiday Joy Without Breaking the Bank”
Home Business – “It’s Not Just About Profitability and Survival: Leaders Need to Lead”
Women 2 Women – “Focus on Possibilities not Problems”
Professional Door Dealer – “Focus on Possibilities not Problems”
Salt Lake Gift Show – “Reduce Office Clutter”
Club Solutions- “Today’s Leaders Need To Lead”
SPA Mgmt – “Reduce Office Clutter”
OSP Magazine – “Flip Your Thinking to Survice”
World Sentinel – “Four Ways to Generate Good Fortune”
Professional Door Dealer – “It’s Not Just About Profitability”
Furniture World – “Focus on Possibilities Not Problems”
AKWA – “The Right Formula for Balance”
The Feng Shui Society –“Vision Boards – Great Energy for Children Too”
Recharger Magazine – “It’s Not Just About Profitability”
Peaks Planes – “It’s Not Just About Profitability”
InSite Leisure Travel- “Focus on Possibilities Not Problems”
Commercial Dealer – “Focus on Possibilities Not Problems”
Island Sun Times – “It’s Not Just About Profitability”
Exchange – “It’s Not Just About Profitability”
EQ Magazine – “Is Feng Shui Worth a Try”
Affluent – “Reduce Office Clutter”
Audiologists – “Reduce Office Clutter”
Fluid Power Society –“Flip Your Thinking to Survive the Economic Downturn”
Parklander –“Feng Shui Green Tips”
Parklander – “What is a Green Lifestyle”
EHS-Today – “Reduce Office Clutter”

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