Feng Shui Personal Success

(KUA) Calculator

What is a Feng Shui Success (Kua) Number? Every person is individual and has different energy needs based on their energy group and personal number. The form below will help you calculate your personal information and give you a better understanding of the best Feng Shui directions for your front door, to face while you work, sleep, eat etc. Just remember, it is only a tool in helping you find balance in your life and not to replace other sound Feng Shui principles.

NOTE: To those of you born in January or February, there is a little confusion with the calculator. When using the calculator remember Feng Shui is based on the Lunar Calendar; not the Solar Calendar. The year changes in January or February. This script isn’t calculated for each & every year exactly so is set at Feb 5th of each year. If you were born before you may need to add a year. To be precise check the Lunar Years or the written female &/or male formulas above.
Some schools of Feng Shui do not use the Kua Number 5.
Females replace it with Kua 8 and the men replace it with Kau 2

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