Pat Heydlauff,
Work/life Balance and Prosperity Expert


As an individual, Pat Heydlauff has weathered illness, job elimination and the loss of sight in one eye that lead her on a personal journey to create balance and peace within. A non-profit industry veteran, Pat is a pioneer “flow of work/life balance and prosperity” environment expert. As an association CEO, her focus on innovation and increasing member and Board engagement resulted in:
  • Stabilizing and increasing revenue streams.
  • Turning around an ailing industry association where membership and leadership were actively engaged but not always focused on a unified result
  • Increasing revenue 300% in less than five years
  • Bringing together stakeholders with entrenched agendas by managing their focus.

Turning around an ailing non-profit taught Pat that stress and chaos can destroy work/life balance and prosperity both individually and organizationally unless it is focused on united goals.

After leaving the association and having embarked on a new career path, the high anxiety, excessive travel, and constant stress of her previous employment took a real toll on Pat’s physical health and overall well-being. Just when she thought things couldn’t get any worse, an accident (of her own creation) left her blind in her right eye.

By then her creative side /right brain had taken control, somehow knowing that she needed balance in her life more than ever. She was drawn like a magnet, – pulling closer and closer to the philosophies and principles of hope, balance and success held by an ancient Chinese civilization known as Feng Shui. It was these basic principles and the natural flow of energy that continued to encourage her to study more and look deeper into why those who used the principles were so successful without paying the price of stress, anxiety and loss of health.

Placing emphasis on the home, the individual and small workplace environment, through Energy Design, Pat focuses on reducing stress, improving your work/life balance and increasing prosperity.  Her passion is to empower organizations and individuals to build and strengthen their existing workplace and home environments so that work/life balance is the norm and prosperity increases.

Pat’s work has been featured in newspapers and magazines including: Inside Supply Management, Success Magazine, EHS Today and Personal Excellence. She is certified in Organization Management from the Institute for Organization Management, is certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy, uses the Disney Approach to Creative Leadership and is an Expert in the use of Feng Shui principles and Flow of Focus Creativity.

Today, in addition to her writing and speaking, she oversees the business development of Heydlauff Enterprises, a company dedicated to building engaged focused workforce environments, work/life balance and prosperity Let Pat teach you how to take advantage of the “flow of work/life balance and prosperity” in your organization and home.

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