Indecision creates negative energy

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Have you ever found yourself at wits end because you just do not know what to do next?Do you ever think about something troubling you so much that there seems to be no clear direction as to where to go or how to proceed? Do you ever wonder why you can simply sit for hours at a time day after day playing mind numbing games or reading book after book not realizing your life is passing you by?

Indecision is often the answer to the procrastination of over thinking and under acting. Sometimes you can be so deeply involved in this form of indecisiveness that you actually become mentally paralyzed and can’t seem to get your act together to do the simplest of things. Indecision is often the culprit behind compulsive eating, game playing, shopping and even compulsive cleaning.

As paralyzing as indecision is, there are ways to break the cycle and get positive energy moving again. One of the easiest ways to break the cycle is to pick up a tablet and a pen or pencil and draw two vertical lines down the tablet creating three columns; label column one “Problem causing indecision”, column two “Excuses” and column three “Positive energy Options”. If you are wrestling with more that one significant decision create one page for each problem. In column one, write a very clear precise definition of the problem you are facing. Re-write it as many times as needed to get a clear verbal picture in as few words as possible. The more concisely you can define your problem the easier it will be for you to deal with it.

In column two write down every possible excuse you have for not dealing with the problem. For example, perhaps you’ve been putting off and putting off dealing with some voluntary surgery. So in column one you would write “I am putting off surgery on my ___________”, you fill in the blank. In column two you would write all of your excuses
like: I don’t have time right now, it costs too much, it is inconvenient, I will be laid up for three weeks, there is no guarantee that it will make a difference, I’m afraid. Write everything and anything you can think of in column two. The more things you list in column two, even if they seem bizarre, the easier it will be to deal with your problem in column one.

In column three write down all of the positive energy options you have for dealing with the problem. Based on the surgery example above, some of the things you might write in column three would be: create a budget to determine when you will have enough money to proceed, look at your calendar to determine what time frame would be the most convenient, research the surgery further to obtain success statistics or obtain an opinion from another doctor. As soon as you write all of this information in column three you will realize that continuing to procrastinate only paralyzes you more and allows your fears to magnify. You will also realize that the problem wasn’t really as great and insurmountable as you thought because you have created a plan for ways to cope and deal with your problem.

Indecision is like a thief in the night. It continually robs you of much needed positive energy to deal with everyday life. In Feng Shui energy comes from not only the things and people you surround yourself with but also your thoughts. If your thoughts are consumed with the negative energy of indecision and procrastination then all you are receiving 24/7 is negative energy. As soon as you replace that indecision and procrastination with positive action like evaluating your options and putting them into writing you have shifted the focus of your internal thoughts from negative to positive

A philosophy of mine, “everything you say, think and do matters” really applies when it comes to indecision. The more you focus on indecision, the more indecisive you become. Take charge of your life by shifting the negative thinking into positive energy thoughts. It costs nothing but your time, a piece of paper and some ink to make a major difference in your life.

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