Five Easy Ways to Increase Holiday Joy

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Have you already maxed out your checkbook and your stress level is on high? Do you feel like your world is in complete chaos with no solutions in sight and the holidays rapidly approaching like a runaway train? Are you wondering how you will get everything done at home and at work in time to celebrate this season of peace, love and joy?

Yes, preparing for a major holiday like Christmas can be very hectic, even chaotic unless you take control of your life and create a more peaceful atmosphere at home and at work for the next few weeks. Chaos and confusion can lead only to stress; organization and calm will lead to balance and a peace filled celebration. In the world of Feng Shui, the use of positive energy will help you create balance and peace in your life.

Five Easy Steps

The following five easy steps will help reduce the stress and provide that much desired balance so you too can increase your joy and peace on earth.

  1. Do the most important thing on your “Christmas to do list” first. Not the easiest or fastest one to accomplish but rather the most important one that will make your celebration complete. For example: if you need one gift for a really special person and you are procrastinating because you don’t know what to get or where to begin, do that one first so you can check it off you list and stop worrying.
  2. Do only those things that must be done over the next couple of weeks. Anything that can wait and does not contribute to the organization and calm of a joyful celebration must be put on hold. Do not waste your precious time, money and energy on those things now. Trying to do it all will simply lead to more stress.
  3. If you feel particularly stressed and find yourself living in chaos the closer you get to Christmas, wear something comfortable and blue. In fact dress from head to toe in blue. It is a very calming color and will help relieve some of that stress you are experiencing. To further calm your surroundings, play some soothing peaceful music that creates balance and tranquility.
  4. Do fun things while gift wrapping. Steep some mulled cider on the stove and take an occasional sip along with a bite of freshly baked holiday cookies. No, you do not have to bake the cookies yourself if you do not have the time. Treat yourself to some of those daily baked wonderfully frosted cookies from the bakery section of your favorite grocery store, deli or pastry shop. While wrapping away, you can also watch one of the hundreds of wonderful new or old Christmas movies that are sure to bring a smile to your face.
  5. Remember to buy yourself a wonderful gift as well while out Christmas shopping. It is OK for you to treat yourself along with everyone else on your list. Too often we remember to take care of dozens of others during the season’s celebrations but forget that we are also special and deserve to be remembered.

A Joy filled celebration

The holiday season and especially Christmas brings lots of chaos and stress into our lives if we don’t act promptly to control what is happening in our surroundings. Often we must make hard choices on where we spend our time, money and energy during this season. With so many choices and so many things to do it is easy to forget the reason for the season.

Whether at work or at home, create a joy filled celebration and a peaceful holiday season by doing only those things that are really important, make everything else wait. Think blue to keep calm along with listening to soothing music. Make chores like gift wrapping enjoyable and be sure to treat yourself to a gift right along with everyone else.

Your holidays will be filled with much joy, peace and hope provided you remove as much chaos and stress as possible right now. May your Christmas and Hanukkah celebrations be filled with joy and your New Year bestows upon you much abundance.

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