Feng Shui Consulting Services:

Pat Heydlauff, a Feng Shui Expert and Energy Design specialist believes the client’s needs and desired outcomes should guide the process. Pat performs evaluations and consultations on-site, technologically through Skype or FaceTime and with the use of floor plans, an accurate compass direction measurement and pictures.  This process is ideal for the home, a home office, a realtor wanting to sell a home or a solopreneur with a staff of one to four.  Pat creates a working roadmap with the client, detailing the recommended steps to be taken. Included in the roadmap is information for the exterior and interior of the home or workplace along with diagrams when appropriate. Pat believes Feng Shui is the use of positive energy in your personal or workplace environment to bring about desired results. Therefore, eliminating negative energy, clutter and distractions the more positive energy you have, the happier you will be and the more successful you will be at whatever you choose to do.

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Feng Shui Is a Lifestyle 

  • A 3,000 year-old philosophy for living life based on the principles of balance in your environment and the flow energy
  • The removal of negative energy and the use of positive energy to improve relationships, health, good fortune and success
  • About the same energy found in Einstein’s formula, “E=mc²”
  • A tool that offers insight into the positive or negative impact your personal environment plays in your life (color, shape, sound, things, people)
  • A tool to create peace in the home so it is the family’s sanctuary and a tool to implement in the workplace to improve productivity, creativity and business success
  • The use of focused energy to make positive energy shifts in specific areas of your life whether at home or the workplace
  • A non-invasive technology to bring about positive change where there is resistance

Home / Personal Consulting Services:

By using Feng Shui principles in your home you can create a personal environment that will provide a peaceful sanctuary where you are in control, anxiety-free and confident – a home that welcomes prosperity, good health, improved relationships and abundance.

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Real Estate Consulting Services:

Using a Feng Sui consultation is empowering for the realtor whether applied to their own office or applied to the property they wish to sell. In the office Feng Shui creates selling energy and in the client’s home it creates buyer appeal.


Small Business Consulting Services:

It doesn’t matter if you work in a spacious corner office, cubicle or the corner of your guest bedroom, the need for eliminating distractions and providing a workplace environment that encourages focus and productivity is equally important.

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Pat is available for telephone or onsite consultations.

Available in 30, 60, and 90 minute increments.

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