Creating Holiday Joy without Breaking the Bank

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Is your family expecting the same holiday festivities, food and good fortune this year as in years past? Are the economy blues making your heart ache and yearn for calmer more secure times? Be encouraged, there are a number of things you can do to create holiday joy without breaking the bank.

It isn’t just children having a hard time dealing with making-do or going-without. All generations are feeling emotionally unstable and financially deprived. And, from their varying points of view, are apprehensive about how to face the usual abundance of holidays past.

Get Grounded in Reality

Begin preparing today for a special holiday season. The holidays will be different this year for most because of the economic upheaval, whether it’s touched you personally or not, but upheaval doesn’t need to mean bad or unhappy. You can prevent holiday doom and gloom by handling fears and apprehension now.

Get connected with your children and grandparents and talk with them about what lies ahead. Acknowledging that the holidays will be different and less abundant puts all of the fear on the table for discussion. Prepare them for what they can and cannot expect. Also warn them that some children and families might have a lot less and some are still able to have the same holiday season as in the past. Being forewarned will blunt the pain of seeing other children with lots if they have less.

Talk to grandparents about not feeling guilty if they cannot provide the usual contributions to holiday joy. Discuss with them how you will celebrate the holidays together even if miles will separate you. Acknowledging ahead of time the unusual economic circumstances surrounding the holidays this year and how to create the best holiday season possible will replace the guilt, fear and apprehension with understanding and anticipation of celebrating the season.

Get Creative

Think of all the things you could be doing to enjoy the holidays with your family that don’t cost a TON of money. Make each event special in some way. If your family members can’t be together over the miles, what are some things they can do to feel connected to each other?

  • If grandchildren and grandparents will not be able to spend the holidays together, create lots of short videos and send them via the internet. Do the same with voice messages, and include a few holiday carols for all to enjoy. If grandparents aren’t computer savvy, create mini picture albums and put the recordings on CDs which most have the ability to play.
  • If you are concerned about your own children’s holiday, by giving them a realistic picture of what to expect, you can give them necessities wrapped as a gift. Meet their needs with items such as shoes or a jacket for cold weather and know you are giving them the best you can this particular year.
  • For those of you who are stretching your budget as far as possible and are creative with your hands; knit, sew, paint, sculpt or bake gifts. It will be treasured because of the time and thought you put into making it.
  • Have children make hand crafted gifts the old fashioned way using crayons, paper, glue, glitter and the various craft supplies you’ve collected throughout the years. It will keep them entertained and enjoy the experience of using their creativity.

Fill your home with Seasonal Joy

Anxiety and fear cannot live in the same body with peace and joy, so it is really important to make sure you fill your mind and your home with all the joy of the season.

  • Decorate, decorate, decorate. The holiday colors, lights and trimmings create a festive atmosphere and provide much uplifting joy filled energy to all family members.
  • Play all your wonderful uplifting holiday music leading up to and during the holidays. It will rekindle loving nurturing energy from years gone by, as well as give you upbeat heartening energy for the present.
  • Spend a little extra time in the kitchen baking cookies, breads and pastries. Be sure to include everyone in the process so new holiday traditions of togetherness replace the things you cannot do this year.

Even though the holidays may be different this year, they still can be anxiety and apprehension free and full of joy. Use this as an opportunity to become a closer more connected family filled with gratitude for having each other and sharing the most valuable gift of all, time spent together.

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