Do you find you are never fully relaxed in your office or home environment?
Do you seek to improve your work/life balance?
Is your ultimate goal to seek greater prosperity and abundance in your life?


Pat Heydlauff is an expert at designing home and workplace environments that reduce stress, improve work/life balance and increase prosperity. She draws on her 25 years of hands-on CEO, client and personal experience plus expert knowledge in Feng Shui principles to provide a roadmap crucial for navigating through today’s chaos, technological interruptions and financial dictates.
Working with the end in mind, Pat enables clients and organizations to envision the future they want. She starts with the what, why and where they are today, empowers them with the how and a touch of Feng Shui to achieve their end goals.

“The results speak for themselves. Our JTHS Board of Director’s meeting was a great success. You helped us align our goals and objectives as a board so we could develop new member growth while energizing existing member participation.”
Joan Alipo, Past President, JTHS Association of Realtors,
2013 Florida Realtors Chair Global Business
2012 Florida Realtors Associate Realtor of the Year

Pat offers work/life balance and prosperity programs, workshops and keynotes for:

• Organizations
• Corporate Events
• Realtor Associations
• Women’s Conferences
• Conventions

Pat is available for telephone, Skype or onsite consultations for:

• Your Home
• Home Office
• The Solopreneur
• Realtors

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Books, inspirational products and Feng Shui gift items are original designs by Pat Heydlauff. Music items have been personally selected by Pat Heydlauff for creating a sanctuary, peace within, motivation or inspiration. Click below to browse products.

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